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Karan Johar Shoots Koffee With Vicky Kaushal , Siddharth Malhotra



karan Johar

Even as  Season 7  of  Koffee With  Karan  kicked off to an auspicious start  on July 7,  the host was in the  studio recording a  fresh episode  of  the  popular chat show. This  time,  the two guests on the couch were Vicky Kaushal and  Siddharth Malhotra.

Why this strange  combination?

“Karan  wanted Vicky Kaushal  with his new bride Katrina  Kaif. But Katrina refused, much to Karan’s shock. He  then quickly asked his  old protégée Siddharth Malhotra to  join Vicky,” a source reveals.

Although  Kaushal and  Malhotra hardly  know  one  another,they do have one factor in common: they  have both played soldiers ,  Vicky in Uri and Siddharth in Shershah.  However that’s not what Karan was  interested  in. Kaushal  was asked about his relationship  with Katrina and  Siddharth was teased  about Kiara Advani, though  Siddharth didn’t admit  to anything special with Kiara.

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