Karan Johar Stares At Another Flop In A Month

Scarcely had  Karan Johar’s Dharma  Production gotten  over the debacle  of  Kalank than another setback stares the illustrious  production  house  in  the face.

Dharma  Productions  Student  Of The Year 2  directed  by Punit Malhotra(who directed the semi-hit  I Hate Luv Stories  and  the  flop Gori Tere  PyarMein for Dharma ) is all set to be another  boxoffice turnip.

 If early trends are  anything to  go by  SOTY2  won’t be as big a disaster  as Kalank  for Dharma Productions. But still the  blow would be decisive.

The  film  recorded average  boxoffice  collections in North  India on  the first two days. In  Andhra  Pradesh  and Tamil Nadu   it  was  easily  overtaken  by  Mahesh Babu’s Telugu  Maharshi and  Vishal  Krishna’s Tamil Ayogya.

According to  trade  experts  the financial  dynamics   of  Karan  Johar’s  collaboration with Fox-star  Studios   would  have to be re-examined  in the light   of   the two underperforming  films in a row.

Says a  source close  to the development, “With Kalank  Fox-Star bore the brunt of  the losses,absorbing all  the deficit.  But with Student Of  The Year 2 they may  opt for a share-the-losses  policy with  Dharma.”

 But who’s going to  refund   viewers who  get zero value for their money  in  watching SOTY2?

Says  trade analysts Amod Mehra  says, “After the bad performance of  Kalank and now SOTY2 the funders who were backing Dharma will have to rethink. SOYT2 will also see the end of Karan Johar’s nepotism.”

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