2nd October 2020

Karan Johar’s Notorious Party Video Cleared

 Amidst   assurances  from the Narcotics  Control Bureau that  the  2019  video  shot from a  party at  Karan  Johar’s residence which  was being seen as  incriminating evidence  of Bollywood’s drug habits , is not being considered as evidence  from a  crime scene, Karan   Johar 

 can now breathe a sigh  of relief.

“The  government agencies are  no longer trying to dig up dirt on him. The nepotism  debate has been  overtaken  by the drugs debate of which he is  no part.Karan  has not been so relaxed  in months,” says  a close friend of Karan.

Karan  also  told   the friend that his  days of partying and socializing are  over. “No more late-nights. Karan wants to be back home every evening before his twins fall asleep.He would rather spend time with his children than party with  people whom he meets  the  entire day anyway.’

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He resumes  shooting  for  Vijay Deverakonda’s Telugu-Hindi  debut  next  month.


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