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Karan Oberoi Gets Bail



After  over a month in  custody for  alleged rape,television actor and musician  Karan  Oberoi, who many  believe to be innocent specially after his accuser’s lawyer  was  accused  of staging  an attack on  the accuser, can finally breathe  a  sigh of relief. 
Karan  Oberoi  was granted  bail on Friday afternoon. He  is  expected to be out by evening.

 Actress-activist Pooja  Bedi who played a large part  in  campaigning against  Oberoi’s arrest says  his  bail is only a  part of   the process of justice. “ I am  soooooooo relieved. Soooooo happpppy.

Very emotional. It’s been a VERY long month for all of us. So GRATEFUL for all the love and support from friends, family , media and  the  entertainment industry. The bigger picture is to quash the fake FIR next and focus on #mentoo and legislation changes so that NO innocent man should have to suffer what Karan did. And also to PUT HER(the  accuser) behind bars so as to be an example of what happens when women file fake cases on innocent men. I’ve been tirelessly and relentlessly on this for a month because hes my best friend. Because he’s innocent.  And it’s appalling how mishandled things can be if the right noise is not made and pressure not put on authorities to DO THEIR JOB. Everyone came together…. everyone supported the movement  to free karan and for #mentoo. Because it resonated with everyone and everyone wants to see changes in the system.”

 Pooja wants  the lopsided laws  against men to be  rectified. “ Harassment, fake cases and the unequal laws as well…these must go before more  innocent men  like Karan Obero are  traumatized.”

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