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“Karan Oberoi Should Never Have Gone To Jail”. Bestie Pooja Bedi Stands Up For Rape Accused



In what could be a significant move to end all nuisance litigation pertaining to sexual harassment, feminist Pooja Bedi, daughter of the super-feminist Protima Bedi has come out to openly defend rape accused actor-musician Karan Oberoi .

Pooja admits laws regarding sexual harassment are misused by women to settle scores.

She says, “This kind of witch-hunting should stop. The debate on sexual harassment should not remain one-sided anymore. I am goingt o put all the facts regarding this case in the public domain.”

Pooja gives Karan Oberoi high marks as a human being. “He is very decent. He should never have gone to jail. In fact the messages she(the accuser) sent him POST the date of alleged rape is shocking. When you read them, they’ll shock you.They show Karn Oberoi is COMPLETELY innocent. He should have NEVER been in jail because he is innocent.”

I congratulate Pooja Bedi for being such a true friend, and to have the guts to stand up against the mob lynching of a rape accused that is so fashionable these days.

Says Pooja, “I value my friendships VERY deeply. I go beyond being the 4am friend. I am the 3 am friend.In fact my friends can reach out to at any time.I’m Karan Oberoi’s bestie.He’s seen me being steadfast for all my buddies over the years.”

Pooja shows me an article in the Asian Age from 2017 where Karan Oberoi has spoken of his friendship with Pooja.

Says Ms Bedi emotionally, “He’s an amazing human being. Good. Decent. Kind. Gentle.”

I tell her Karan owes her a big one.

Pooja brushes off any suggestion of an obligation. “He owes me nothing.That’s friendship.No give and take. No conditions apply.”

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