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Karan Oberoi’s Accuser Arrested



The  woman who accused  singer-actor Karan Oberoi of   sexual transgression  has been arrested for lodging  a false complaint against  Oberoi. The accuser’s lawyer who had allegedly staged  an attack on her own  client  (to prevent  Oberoi’s bail) is still on the run.

While Karan has  been  asked to  refrain from making any comment  I  gathered  from his family that Karan feels no triumph in her accuser’s  arrest.

“That’s not the way Karan  is built. His DNA doesn’t  allow vendetta. He  feels  no joy in the pain of  the  person who gave  him pain. Rather, he prays  for her .What she’s  going through is her karma,” says a source very close to Karan.

In  the meanwhile  Karan’s much-relieved  father had  this  to say, “We are just relieved  we were really  worried for our son’s  safety because  someone who can attack herself  like this could just as easily harm our son.”

Pooja Bedi who has played a  big hand  in  Karan’s  release andhas spearheaded the MenToo  movement  is  much relieved  by  the accuser’s  arrest. “FINALLY. And I hope that it’s not just a superficial  arrest because of media scrutiny, but one where bail is rejected because she has tampered with case. And evidence. And if she can inflict harm on herself she  is capable of inflicting harm on others as well as herself again as well. She should be kept behind bars till Karan is chargesheeted so she cannot tamper further with evidence or case. She needs to experience in jail for one month what she put our innocent Karan through. Then of course arrested for fake case and given the same sentence Karan would have gotten if proven  guilty  of all those charges she had made.”

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