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Karanvir Bohra: What I Want My Daughters To Learn About Life



Karanvir Bohra with his family

Karanvir Bohra who was a year older  on  August 28  spent his birthday with his wife,   three daughters  and his parents. His wife Teejay’s parents couldn’t join  them for  the celebration as  they are  in Canada.

Karanvir Bohra says he wants his  daughters Gia Vanessa Snow Bohra, Vienna Bohra, Raya Bella Bohra to  grow up with the  sense  of  the family and its importance. “I spend as much time  as  I can  with my  wife and daughters. Luckily  the  lockdown  gave me lots of time with my precious  ladies. I couldn’t have asked for  more.”

The  actor  who is  39 now feels  his  children  must learnt to  value the family above everything else. “They should know how lucky they are to have their parents and their grandparents. I feel sorry  for children  who grow up in urban  isolation. And I feel sorrier for young people who have separated  their  children  from their grandparents for whatever reason, financial  or  otherwise. They don’t know what they are missing  out on.”

Three daughters…does Karanvir Bohra miss having a son  in the family? “Not at all. My three  darlings are my life and breath. I wouldn’t exchange them  for anything in  the  world. In my next life I would like the same  wife and the same three daughters. They are my Parvati, Saraswati and Durga. My three daughters are my Shakti.”

What would he  like  them to be when they grow up? “Anything they  like, from actors to  pilots to army soldiers.  But first, they  must be good human beings and learn to respect their elders.Rest will follow.”

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