Kareena Kapoor Will Take Time Off From Acting To Play Mom


Having known her  from when she was 18,it fills me with near-paternal pride to know that one of my favourite persons in the film business Kareena Kapoor (now Khan) is in the family way.

Under the diva act  Kareena was  always a very family-oriented girl . Though her parents live separate from one anther  Kareena is fiercely protective of both Babita and Randhir Kapoor.As a mum Kareena always modeled her future according to her own mum’s life.

“My mother has brought up my sister and I with utmost care and concern.We were never allowed to feel like star-children. We were given no preferential treatment at home or in public. Mum made sure we sisters were brought up with the right values. But she never gave up her life to be a mother.She had her pals and her movies and her life. She still has them,” Kareena had once said to me.

I am  not sure if Kareena would have her movies after motherhood.  She will take a long break and be a hands-on mother for at least a year, if not more. Then she will be back doing what she likes doing the most.

Can she make a success of her career after motherhood?

Kareena has her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore’s example before her. The diva from the 1960s and 70s married the Nawab Of Pataudi, had three children and had a hugely successful innings as a leading lady in Bollywood  in films like Aradhana, Amar Prem, Aavishkar and Daag. Most of her successful films were opposite RajeshKhanna.

Kareena has her own ‘Rajesh Khanna’ factor to bolster her career whenever she returns after motherhood. All three Khan superstars Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir dote on her  and would have no qualms accommodating her shift  in priorities into their cinematic excursions .

From sensuous singleton, to seductive wife and now the  third chapter in her mature years as the yummy mummy…Kareena will rock it. I have a hunch she will be around sharing screen space with the three Khans even when her first-born is ready for stardom.

“One thing is for sure. I’ll never give up acting. When I get older I’ll play mum . Then I’ll play grandmom. Like my grandfather(Raj Kapoor) said Jeena yahan marna yahan,” Kareena once said to me.

Well, Kareena. It’s time to  bring another Kapoor into this world. I am sure he/she  will rock it .In the meanwhile here’s wishing you and  Saif all the best in the parenting role.

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