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Kareena Kapoor’s Pregnancy A Blessing For Our Film, Says Sonam Kapoor



It’s not as if Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy was written into the film that she’s doing with Sonam Kapoor.

“No no.We didn’t accommodate her pregnancy into the plot. It was there all along  in the script. And if Kareena  had not gotten pregnant we would have had to use prosthetics for her character too look pregnant.So in many ways her pregnancy is god-sent for our film,” says Sonam joyously.

Sonam Kapoor is delighted to work with Kareena. “Lolo(Karisma), Bebo(Kareena), my sister Rhea and I have always been very close. Kareena is one of my favourite actresses.It’s a pleasure to be working with her.”

Veere Di Wedding also stars two other outstanding young actresses.

Says Sonam, “There is Swara Bhaskara whom I’ve bonded with during Raanjhana.She is my friend and sister.There is also a talented actress Shikha Tilsania with us this time.She is the very talented Tiku Talsaniaji’s daughter , and herself a force to reckon with. I am very lucky to be working with three such diverse and outstanding co-actresses.”

The film Veere Di Wedding is directed by Shashanka Ghosh, who directed Sonam in Khubsoorat two years ago.The light-hearted film with a social message is not the first chick-flick  that Sonam has done. In 2010 she had done Aisha.

“But why call film with female protagonists ‘chick flicks’? That’s derogatory. When cinema does film about boys’ bonding they are not called ‘rooster flicks’ do we?” reasons Sonam.

Sonam is not the only central character in Veere Di Wedding, as she was in Neerja. And she’s perfectly okay with that. “I don’t look at it that way. I had a 25-minute role in Delhi 6. Boman Irani who is the best human being in the film industry, said something really great. He said there are no big or small roles. Only  big or small actors.It’s not about the size of the role .It’s what I do with it.I don’t need  to be the heroine-heroine all the time. ”

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