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KARMA CAFÉ: A short Film That Takes Us On An Emotional Roller-Coaster



With the onset of the digital revolution, there has been a massive shift for actors, directors, story-writers and the like. Joining the eclectic list with a strong storyline, and a compelling narrative is Karma Café, starring the ubiquitous Amole Gupte and Nakul Sahdev (of GULLY BOY fame) releases today. The psychological thriller with subtle philosophical undertones follows the journey of a young estranged lover ALIF (played by Sahdev) who stumbles upon a curious café run by an intriguing owner – DARPAN (Amole Gupte). ALIF is surprised to learn that this café only serves what he deserves, and DARPAN is almost the mirror of conscience to the estranged lover.

The film has been directed by 4 time International award-winning director – Kabeer Khurana. Co-written by veteran Saeed Mirza, Karma Café has a complex, layered plot taking viewers on an intense journey. 22-time National Award winning production house, Climb Media is producing the short film in association with and Anjum Rizvi Film Co.

According to Vinay Mishra, producer with, “Kabeer is a young director with an experienced eye. The way he uses lights, camera and movement suggests oodles of talent. Karma Cafe showcases the coming of age of a new talent Kabee r- he has been excelling with experimental stuff so far but this shows his talent with a normal narrative too.”

Speaking on the release Amole Gupte says “To be in Karma Cafe is my Karma. To be in something where my mentor, Saeed Mirza, has penned lines is my Karma. Well, I think I’ve got good Karma in Karma Cafe!”

Nakul Sahdev reminisces “Rarely do you get a chance to redeem yourself as an artist. Karma Cafe was one such experience.”

Saeed Mirza is of the view, “When I finally saw Karma Cafe, I was amazed by the maturity with which the script was handled. It was a delight to watch.”

According to Producer Anjum Rizvi, “”Kabeer has made a film even veterans wouldn’t attempt. With the help of his talented young team, he has made a film which one can really call ‘out of the box.’ A special mention and thank you to Amole and Nakul.”

Director Kabeer Khurana elucidates, “It has been a long but exciting journey for the film. Now that we’ve reached the last leg, we’re really excited to see the audience response. Our film is a labour of love made with the combined passion of several filmmakers and technicians.”

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