Karthik Subbaraj On His Rajinikanth Film


Tamil filmmakerKarthikSubbarajhas attained an impressive reputation in no time at all as a filmmaker who delivers the hits . Aftermaking4 successful filmsin a rowKarthiknow embarks on the most difficultfilm of his career.

A film starringRajinikanthin the lead.

Shedding light on theprojectKarthiksays, It has beenmy dream to makea film withRajiniSir. I grew up watching his films.And I was sure I would direct afilm with him some day. Ineverthought would happen so early.

WhenKarthikwrote the new film forRajinkanthhewasinfor asurprise. I went with the story toRajiniSir about a year ago.I never thought he would agree to do it.To my surprise he had seen my films from thefirst onePizza, thenJigarthandaandIraivi.WhenRajiniSir said he had seen all my films Iwashappier than I can explain. He had trust in my abilities and we decidedtodo our film together as soon ashe was free from histwo assignments2:0andKaala. I thought hewould forget about my film . But now that he has finishedwith his pending projects he told me we can start.

Karthikfeelsa huge sense of joy and responsibility.With thehappinessof knowing I am working with thebiggest star ofthe country comes the worry of knowing how to present him ina different light.To change his imageis unacceptable tohis fans. So Ive to work my way around his image.

Theonething that KarthiksRajinistarrerwont go into is politics. Im awareRajiniSir has beendoingpolitical films lately.But my film with him would havenothing to do with politics . It would bea lightheartedfilm.

Apart fromRajinikanthonlyVijaySethupatihas been finalized in the untitledRajinikanthfilm.

SaysKarthik, VijaySethupatihas been apartofalmost all my films. Hetrusts me blindly and I feel the sametrust in his abilities each time.

The young filmmaker dismisses reportsofSimranbeing finalized as Rajinikanths leading lady. So faronlyRajniSir andVijaySethupathihave been locked. Weareyet to finalizetheleadinglady. We hope to completethefilm by the endof this year and release thefilm early next year.

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