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Kartik Aaryan Says No To Paan Masala Deal



Kartik aaryan

At  a  time when  senior superstars, Shah  Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar who should know better,are  brazenly selling cancer(a.k.a  gutka, paan masala)  to the nation,  Bollywood’s  youngest superstar  Kartik Aaryan has  resolutely  said no to a tempting  offer to  endorse Paan Masala.

When I  double checked   this  news with a   prominent ad  guru he  confirmed it saying, “That’s right. That boy Kartik Aaryan has said no to around  8-9  crore offer to endore paan masala. Kartik seems to have principles  , a rare commodity in today’s actors who suffer from the gift of  the  ‘grab’. Saying no to  such  big money  is not easy. But Kartik is conscious of his  responsibility as  a youth icon.”

Former  chairperson  of  the censorboard and producer   Pahlaj Nihalani also endorses  Kartik Aayan’s decision to not endore harmful  products.  “Paan masala is killing people. Being encouraged to take gutka and paan masala  by  Bollywood role models  is definitely damaging to the nation’s health.”

Akshay  Kumar  has a very clean image. He is seen as a hero of  the masses. Then why is he promoting  a  brand of paan masala? Others like  Govinda and even Pierce Brosnan  are known to  have  promoted paan masala.

Shockingly Pahlaj   Nihalani reveals that the broadcasting  of alcohol and paan masala ads in illegal and unconstitutional. “Law forbids  the CBFC  from granting certification  to  paan masala and alcohol ads. Therefore the ads for these products being broadcast  are illegal. Actors who are part  of such ads should know they’re participating in an illegal activity.”

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