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Kartik Aryan Crosses The Line On Social Media



Kartik Aryan

When  you  over-do  the public image-building exercise under  the misguided  persuasion  of  your marketing team, you are  bound to fall flat on your face.

So it  is with Kartik Aryan. The Gods of  good fortune have been smiling on this affable lad  for  a few years  now.Things swung into  speed gear  for  Kartik Aryan after the success of his mentor Luv Ranjan’s Sonu Ke Titu  Ki Sweety. Both the earlier  Pyaar Ka  Punchnaama and  this Sonu story were called out for being  misogynistic.

Kartik Aryan didn’t care, as  long as  the fans  loved  him.  The 12-16  bracket  seemed  to have  fallen for his charms .And every day the  gossip  media  dutifully  reported a  new  romance  with  a  comely-costar.Was Kartik  courting Sarah or Ananya or Jahnvi?  Casanova  had  finally met  his match.

Even during the  current  lockdown he  continued  to be the darling of  the masses with videos  almost every day, some of them cleverly supporting PM Modi for his Corana combating tactics. This boy  Will one day make  a great  politician, I tell you!  Not having  the ability  to tell a cheer apart from a jeer and  certainly  unaware of where to stop, Kartik has gone and ruined his  party-time mood  with a new shockingly  misogynistic  video where  his sister is pulled by her hair and then dragged around the room as the camera accosts her for  making  a bad rotiBelan be damned.

I would like Kartik Aryan to come in  here. I need to understand why he  made this  video, and that too with his sister playing the female lead?  Was it done out of boredom or defiance? If this what the lockdown is doing to the stars  then I suggest  some  deep-breathing  exercises and  mild meditation to combat the wild thoughts that  enter a  star’s head when he is  not shooting or  dating  or  trying to create  the impression of  being a  serial dater.

And  is Kartik Aryan’s  sister playing his  wife in the video? A wife who angers her husband for not making a roti  properly ? In that  case this is creepier and  more distasteful  than we  thought.

 Come on, Kartik Aryan. At  a time when the lockdown has  aggravated  the  volume of  domestic  violence   in the country, you really think pulling  your sister’s hair for not making a roti properly is funny?

Trolls  have gone at  the  dimestore superstar with hammers and  tongs. And he deserves  it. Being stupid is  not a crime. Celebrating  stupidity  certainly is.

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