Katrina Gets Over Her Phobia Of Parties


This Christmas  Katrina Kaif  decided to wash away her  prevalent phobia of  celebration  and parties  which dates  back to her birthday in  July 2008 when her then-boyfriend Salman Khan had  a public spat with Shah Rukh Khan.

On that fateful July evening Katrina had vowed, “Never again!”
 And she kept her  vow  to abstain from throwing parties.  Until now when on  Christmas Day , on an impulse, she decided to invite   some special friends to her  home  for a very private party.

The  exclusive guest  list also included  Shah Rukh Khan and  Salman Khan, the co-star  of her latest release and  the co-author  of her success story,  respectively.

“And  the evening went  off swimmingly. Katrina has gotten over her fear of hosting parties. She now  intends  to  host similar  get-togethers  at her home regularly,” says a friend  of  the actress.

2018 has seen  Katrina  shed her  somber mood. All her friends say she is warmer,  more gregarious and  fun-loving than she was  earlier.

Being in  love doesn’t suit her, it seems. Being single  , ready to mingle, makes her spirit tingle

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