Katrina Kaif–Deepika Padukone Cold Vibes Scarily Icy

The chilling vibes between  Karina Kaif and Deepika Padukone, all thanks to a certain common Kapoor in their lives, was for all to see  at a recent awards function where eyewitnesses squeal, the two divas refused to sit next to one another.

Though there is everything personal about Deepika and Katrina’s mutual hostility the two are most willing to carry their ice-cold feelings into their professional lives as well.

There are rumours that director Anand  L Rai wants to cast both Katrina and Deepika in his next film with Shah Rukh Khan. However both the divas have made it very clear to the director that they won’t work together and  Rai would have to chose one between them.

Aanand is said to so distracted by the two actresses’ mutual hostility that he may drop them both.

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