Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan, Arbaaz Khan stop being aggressive towards media

It is hard to say who is more aggressive these days. The stars or the paparazzi. This week after attending a party at producer Aarti Shetty’s home, Katrina Kaif’s driver ran over a young camera person’s foot  in the bid to make a hasty retreat. 

Earlier on one occasion she had threatened to call the cops if the paparazzi didn’t stop chasing her.

Lately two of  our most well-behaved male actors have turned into media baiters, venting spleen  unnecessarily on hapless journalists who, in case limelight luminaries forget, are only doing their jobs.

Arbaaz Khan who is currently going through marital problems storms in and out of venues barking the order, “No personal questions, please.” At a recent media event when a journalist asked an innocent question on how it felt to be an uncle all over again(vis a vis his sister’s newly born baby) Arbaaz turned aggressive and nasty .

Hrithik Roshan known to be saintly on the Twitter till the Pope popped up , has become an even worse offender. On Monday he turned on a hapless photographer at the location of his new film Mohenjo-daroconfiscated the offender’s camera and made the poor media person run around for more than 24 hours before returning his camera.

I’ve some unsolicited advice for Katrina, Arbaaz and Hrithik: you have problems in your life? Don’t take it out on media persons. They are only doing their job.

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