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Katrina Kaif Super-Hero Film , Who Will Play Her Hero?



Katrina Kaif

 The problem  with   films starring   female heroes in  Bollywood  is that  that  A-list heroes  refuse to be part  of  them , unless they are as sporting as Salman Khan who did  Revathi’s AIDS  film Phir Milenge  in  2004  although  Shilpa Shetty played the central  role because  he believed  in the  subject , and also for the sake of his pal Ms Shetty.

 Would Salman do the same for his  “lifelong pal” Katrina Kaif in the super-hero  film  that  she  is  doing with director  Ali Abbas  Zafar?  It seems unlikely that this time Salman would step in to do the chivalrous thing because things are not quite what they used to between  Bhai and his Sultan  director.

That leaves Katrina with little  choice for co-star. We can’t expect her other superstar-pals  like  Akshay  Kumar or Hrithik  Roshan  to step in to play  her  male lead when she does all the  action and  will stand tall in every  frame.

 That  brings us to the smaller heroes .Vikram Massey, for example, who is  the millenial’s Vinod Mehra .

Mehra, God bless his soul, was known to play the lead in  female-centric films  like Shabana Azmi’s  Yeh Kaisa Insaaf and Sweekar  Kiya Maine , Rekha in Ghar ,etc. Massey  has done  a number of female-hero driven films  , the most recent being Chhapaak where he  confidently played second fiddle  to Deeepika Padukone.

It would be  a  pity if Katrina has to work with a B-lister  as her hero just because  the A-listers are  not man enough to play a supporting part  in a  film about a female-superhero. There  is this incident of a  major  Khan superstar who said no to  a female centric film with the heroine’s name  as  the title  because , as this  intelligent  articulate Khan reasoned with  the director,  ‘What would I do in  a  film named  after the heroine?’

Be a  gallant partner  to  the  female  hero, perhaps? Is  that too much to ask for.

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