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Why Was Katrina Kaif’s Voice Dubbed In Jagga Jasoos?



Here is a case for Ranbir Kapoor’s Jagga Jasoos to solve. Why are portions of Katrina Kaif’s dialogues in  Jagga Jasoos done by another voice?
Audiences were shocked to hear a completely different vocal chord pitching in for Katrina in patches of the narrative. So did she refuse to dub after her split with Ranbir Kapoor?
Not so.
Says a source, “It was just that Katrina, though she tried hard, couldn’t get some of the dialogues right. Jagga Jasoos has a lot of very rapid-flowing play of words and she just couldn’t handle it.  To get the required pitch Dada(Anurag Basu) had bring in another voice.”
In fact  Basu even incorporated a line of dialogue as an afterthought where a character explains Katrina’s Bengali character’s thick accent by saying she was brought up in the UK.
Whatever the explanation the fact is, audiences can easily make out the difference, with or without Jagga’s sleuthing to help us decode the real Katrina voice  from her imposter.
Katrina  has been part  of the Hindi film  industry for 14 years. She should seriously consider getting herself a Hindi/Urdu teacher.
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