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Katrina Kaif’s Volte Face With The Media

Katrina’s suspiciously over-friendly behaviour towards mediapersons remained as short-lived as Baar BaarDekho in the theatres.

After going all-out to woo mediapersons with smiles and her quaint Hindi, Katrina went back into her shell and refused to even talk to the paparazzi at the airport on the night of September 14 when she left for her home in London.

According to eyewitness reports Katrina not only refused to speak to the mediapersons at the airport she refused to come out of her car until the cameras left.

Says the source, “Katrina was willing to miss her flight. But she wouldn’t get out of her car until the paparazzi left. It was weird behaviour.”

A filmmaker who has worked with Katrina says, “This is the same actress who was prancing and grooving all over the place with Sidharth Malhotra to promote Baar Baar Dekho just two weeks ago. She played the fun-loving gal on Kapil Sharma’s show so effectively that Kapil’s team was stunned.She was even selling chappalson Comedy Night Bachao.And now she is back to being her sullen self. Kuch toh consistency honi chahiyebehaviour mein.Or is it just use the media as per your convenience?”


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