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Katrina-Vicky Kaushal To Go Official?



It looks like this Valentine’s Day is  going to be  far more joyous for Katrina  than the  last two. After her messy breakup with  Ranbir Kapoor, she has  been pretty  much  on her own  trying to rebuild her  career which she lost after  the  breakup. 

But it now seems as though love has made a  comeback through the backdoor. Yes, Katrina is in love.Sources close to the actress  reveal that she has been  in two minds  for quite some time now.

“But now  she  is sure  of her feelings for  Vicky.He has been a friend for some time now. He is trustworthy  dependable and devoted.  In brief, all that  Katrina ever  wanted the man in her life  to be,” says  the source.

While there’s been no  formal  announcement  on their mutual feeling so far,  sources say Katrina and Vicky  may come  out  into the public  about their  relationship sooner than expected.

“Vicky and Katrina are  serious  about each other. Neither of them  is  prone to  get into a frivolous relationship. Unlike  Ranbir,  Vicky is  not commitment-phobic.  He will  take his relationship with Katrina to the  right conclusion.”

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