Katrina’s Bhai Arjun Kapoor Makes Fun Of Her For A Particular Reason

Not many people know this. But Arjun Kapoor is Katrina’s rakhi-brother, hence he has been given the licence to pull her shapely legs as and when he wants to. The latest example of sibling ribbing is Arjun’s comment on Katrina’s picture looking as if she has dandruff in her hair.

While this relationship of bantering between the adoptive siblings has its blithe side there is the other less appealing side to Katrina’s sisterly affections for Arjun.

She has decided she cannot ever be paired with Arjun as a romantic lead, no matter how strong the part.

Says a source in the know, “The day Katrina adopted Arjun as her rakhi-brother it was decided they’d never be paired together on screen, no matter how tempting the role, unless they play siblings on screen, which is unlikely.Katrina has made it very clear she won’t romance her bhaiyya on screen.”

So here is one Jodi we will never get to see on screen, just like Ranbir and Kareena Kapoor.

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