Keep It Clean, In A  Shah Rukh Khan Film There Can’t Be Bad Language

The censor board  has deleted two cusswords   ‘Haraami’ and ‘Saali’ from  the dialogues of the eagerly awaited Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees.

According to sources from the censor board Shah Rukh’s films are clean wholesome family affairs. “Achcha nahin lagta. In Shah Rukh’s films the aesthetics are of another level. Profanities look okay in Anurag Kashyap cinema or maybe in a Nawazuddinstarrer. But Shah Rukh has a distinctly urban family audience. They feel uncomfortable with cuss words. We asked the producers for a few cusswords to be removed from Raees and they happily agreed.”

Some dialogues pertaining to the Islamic religion have also been asked to be removed  from Raees.


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