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KGF 2 Versus Lal Singh Chadha, Who Will Blink First?



Lal Singh Chaddha vs KGF 2

Lal Singh Chaddha and  Yash’s KGF sequel are  all set to fight it

Aamir Khan and Kannada superstar Yash are all set to clash on April 14 , 2021 at the  boxoffice. Aamir’s Forrest Gump remake Lal Singh Chaddha and  Yash’s KGF sequel are  all set to fight it out on the same Friday.

But will they  finally come together? Chances are, one of them will shift out. And the one likely to do so is KGF 2.

A  source very close  to  the project commented, “Lal Singh Chadha  was to release  in February. The  KGF team had  slotted their  film for April 14 2022. They had no   idea  what was creeping up on them.”

Though Aamir  says  he has met  the  KGF leading man Yash and  director Prashant  Neek,sources say Yash is very upset with  Lal Singh Chaddha’s  new  release date.

“It  just crept up from nowhere, unannounced unexpected. Yash and  the KGF director Prashant Neel feel it would be cowardly to  move out of April  14. But then, this is not a wrestling match where both parties must  stand their ground.Someone has  got to blink,”  a source close to Yash informs.

This writer spoke to one of the KGF actors who said, “I’ve no idea whether we’re actually coming on April 14. We’ve been postponing for  almost two years. Now when theatres have opened  up, we are struck in this situation with another big film.However  insisting on  release the same  day(as Lal Singh Chaddha) would be damaging.”

We can only wait and watch for the next move. Sources say  a meeting is being set up between Aamir Khan and Prashant Neel to sort  out the matter. Yash may also attend the meeting.

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