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KGF Superstar Yash Speaks On Sanjay Dutt’s Role In The Franchise



 Kannada superstar Yash who is  busy shooting for the second chapter  of  the  KGF franchise  is most  happy to welcome Sanjay Dutt into the fold .

Says  Yash, “Yes ,he’s playing the archvillain named Adheera. The poster  has evoked  enormous interest.He starts shooting with us in August.We’re very happy to have him. He suits the  role to perfection. But until all the formalities were completed we didn’t want to  make any announcements. Now  Mr Sanjay Dutt is definitely with us.”

 Yash promises  exceptional action scenes featuring  the two. “Since he is pitched against me by the script there are  going to be some  major  fight sequences between  us. We’re  working towards making the action sequences very special.”

 How special? I ask.  “As special as Mr Dutt’s fans and my fans would expect  them to be when we come  together. It is  very important  for us to make  sure everything is larger more crowd-pleasing this time than the last  time. And I  promise, you won’t be disappointed.”

How important  is Dutt’s presence  in  the KGF  sequel?

“Oh, very important!” exclaims Yash. “He propels the plot forward  just as much as I do. The film can’t work without  our characters. We’ve shot only 15-20  percent  of the  film so far. We were waiting  for Mr Dutt to  join us, which he will be doing very shortly.”

Would  Sanjay Dutt be  speaking his own lines?

“We have  a full-fledged Hindi  version this  time. So yeah,  Mr Dutt will speak  his Hindi lines. We’ve actors from  Tamil Nadu,  Andhra, Karnataka and  Mumbai. And  they will bring their own cultural  flavour to the table. But I must say KGF is  not about the spoken language. The visuals and the emotions are the mainstay  of the  film.Everything that the audience will see and feel would add  to the  film’s strength as  path-breaking franchise.”

Engrossed  in  the  shooting of the  KGF shooting Yash doesn’t get enough time to spend with his 7-month  old baby girl Ayra.

“As soon as I pack up I  rush to be with my daughter. There’s no place on this earth I’d rather be. Ayra has changed my life,” says the fond father.

Yash and his wife Radhika are now expecting their second  child.

A son to complete the family?  “Son or daughter we will welcome another baby with equal  happiness.Having tasted the  joy of parenthood we  can’t wait to  go into it again.”

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