Kick 2 To Bring Together Salman and Varun

The  resounding success of Judwaa 2  has Kick-started  a  new wave  of euphoria in Sajid Nadiadwala’s production house.We hear straight  from theNadiadwala camp that Judwaa 3  is already being planned.

And no, it won’t feature Varun.

“Every Judwaa film will feature a new A-lister in a  double  role.Possible names  for  Judwaa3 are Shah Rukh Khan,Ranveer Singh and Saif Ali Khan.However David Dhawan will direct  every Judwaa film,” reveals a Nadiadwala groupie.

But the  Nadiadwala groupie won’t reveal the big secret up his sleeve.

Varun, who has  just delivered a whopping hit for Nadiadwala, will be seen with  Salman Khan in Kick 2.

Says a source, “For a  very long time Sajid Nadiadwala has been planning a project with Salman and his Chela No.1 Varun. Finally now Sajid has zeroed in  on a subject that will bring Salman and  Varun  together in Kick 2.”

Sajid who directed the  first Kick film in 2014 will direct Kick 2 .

Other  filmmakers will be  hired to direct other projects  for Nadiadwala. He will direct  the Kick films , and with only with  Salman in the lead.

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