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Killing Spielberg: How The Multiplexes Downsized His Latest



There  is more  politics  in  fields  other than politics than we can imagine. Cinema theatres are  no stranger to it.

 This week  the big Hindi release  Baaghi 2 has been given  a “free rein” at  the theatres, thanks to the  clout and power that producer Sajid Nadiadwala exercises  over the movie-distribution business.

Apparently the new Steven Spielberg film Ready Player One,  touted as the super-director’s  most spectacular work in ages, has been “seriously downsized” in the Indian  movie market.

A  source  close to the development says the film’s producers Warner Brothers are “climbing up the wall” trying to get sufficient  theatres and screens  for Ready Player One.

Ready Player One is Spielberg’s biggest film in years. It’s being released the worldover as the Eastern weekend’s unanimous  boxoffice  winner , and  one of the year’s potential  blockbusters. But here in India  its distributors Warner Brothers are  fighting for space in the multiplexes where they want to flood the screens withBaaghi 2,the argument being that Ready Player One is only in English,  hence  limited  in  its appeal. But dammit, Spielberg is Spielberg. Language is inapplicable,  ” says  the source.

A source  close to Warner Brothers sees  this is “ a  form of sabotage.”

“By playing down Spielberg’s film to play up the big Bollywood release(Baaghi 2) you are  killing the  competition. This is not healthy competition,”says  the  source.

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