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Kirron Kher Loses 30 Kgs, Anupam Follows With 15

Politician-actor Kirron Kher is looking stunningly slim.And justifiably so.She has lost oodles of weight and can give Malaika Arora with whom she co-judges a new dance reality show, a run for her money.

When asked about her drastic weight loss Kirron said, “Yes ,I’ve lost close to 30 kgs. Nothing drastic. No crash diets.  I now love in my constituency Chandigarh and my attendance in parliament is almost a hundred percent.”

Kirron says the work-load takes care of her weight, “The last two years ever since I became a Lok Sabhha member  I’ve been working round the clock.It’s  grueling work and it’s work throughout the day.And the food I have  is very simple.”

Taking a cue from his wife Anupam Kher too has lost a lot of wright. “Nearly 15 kgs and no dieting. Just eating proper food on time. It’s difficult because I’m travelling constantly. So I get enough exercise just working.”

Anupam admits he can never compete with his wife in the slim-and-trim department. “She is looking her best. I am nowhere  close to getting there.”


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