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Koffee With Karan Ends Interviews With A Vegetarian Episode With Kapil Sharma

Call it boring or bland, or call him the resident president of La La Land. But Kapil Sharma refused to  get risqué with Karan Johar onKoffee With Karan(KWK) even at the risk of coming across as a party-pooper.

Watching Kapil dodge Karan Johar’s indiscreet questions was an eye-opener. The reason why  Kapil is so popular is because he won’t get lowdown and dirty for laughs. Hence when Karan asked Kapil what he does for sex, Kapil stared back at  his host as though he had just been asked to identify  particularly rare breed of dinosaurs.

Among the two of them Kapil was definitely the better actor. He played the clueless ingénue with a heartbreaking sincerity.And never mind  if the episode lacked the tadka of an Arjun Kapoor telling us things we didn’t want to know about a certain part of his anatomy being larger than Varun Dhawan’s(really, penis envy at primetime???) . Or Varun Dhawan reassuring us that he was not aroused under the cushion on the coach.

Kapil Sharma refused to be drawn into the drollery. The closest he got to being naughty was when he spoke about his crush over DeepikaPadukone.

There was  a lot of banter on Kapil’s shaky command over the English language. Let me break the cunning image that he has created of the vernacular prankster. Kapil’s angrezi is just fine. He speaks the language far better than many Bollywood personalities. Compared with Kangana Ranaut’s English Kapil is Oxonian.

Compared with Karan Johar’s other guests Kapil was distinctly vegetarian. Watching him steer clear of sleaze  the conversation felt like a  big wholesome thaali from Haldiram’s.The gulab jamum after the meal was Kapil’s confession that he had once gatecrashed into a party at Shah Rukh’s residence.


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