Krish Avoids Direct Clash With Chiranjeevi

Though the two Telugu mega-films the historical Gautamiputra Satkarni and the actionervKhaidi 150 pitching the two veteran actors Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi are being released during the same week for Pongal, a direct clash is being avoided.

The two films are now being released on two different days Khaidi No 150  on 11 January, a day earlier than Gautmiputra Satkarni .

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Explains  the  Gautam Satkarni director Krish, “My friend Ramchran Teja who turns producer with Khaidi No 150 , and I  didn’t discuss  any release trategy . But I believe  a day’s gap between the two films will benefit the business of both.”

Krish is  very excited about his film. “I am most anxious to see how audiences react to my telling of  a story of an unsung warrior-emperor who has a historical significance in celebrating Gudipadwa or Ugadi or several Hindu new-year variations.”

Is the  director daunted by the prospect of two stalwart actors being pitched against one another at another at the boxoffice?

Krish is nonchalant. “It’s just a big coincidence that both the legends from many landmark films are releasing at  a day’s distance from one another.But every Sankranthiis a great season for movies as every year 3-4 films release and take the advantage of the festival. Secondly, both the films are of a different genre and I’m sure most of the audience will see both these films as we always watch all Sankranthi releases.”

Krish is filled with supportive enthusiasm for the rival film. “Khaidi No 150 is the comeback film of a  megastar and everyone is eagerly waiting for the film and the look and feel of the movie is very exciting. I’m sure VV Vinayak made an extraordinary movie for Chiranjeevi Sir and I wish Ram Charan, my very close friend a grand success on his debut film as a producer.”

What  about the ‘X’ factor?

Laughs Krish. “You mean XXX: The Return Of  Xander Cage?XXX has its own audience .But in the Telugu states everyone is looking at the two Telugu releases with great expectations. As for demonetization Dangal proves it’s not money it’s the quality that matters.”

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