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‘Krishna Bhagwan’ Varun Dhawan Playing The Sax Gets the Axe



No sax please,we are Indians.  The saxophone  is normally considered a sexy instrument . So shall we  keep it that way?

Davaid Dhawan  , it seems, crossed  “limits of  decency” (and I quote a  CBFC source) when in his new comedy rocker Judwaa 2 he got his  son Varun Dhawan to play Lord Krishna in a song  playing the….no , not the flute…but the saxophone.

Outraged on behalf of a nation that has lately become more protective about its sacred cows, the censorboard  members clamped down  on  David’s “harmless fun”(as  the film’s team describes  it).

Says  a source close to the film, “It was all in fun. In a song-and-dance sequence Varun dresses up as Lord Krishna and plays the saxophone. The censor board has asked all the shots  of Varun as Lord Krishna to be removed.”

To  David Dhawan’a shock, the censor board accused him of hurting religious sentiments.

“How can your son play Lord Krishna?” they argued, forgetting that BJP’s blue-eyed boy Akshay Kumar had played Lord Krishna  in Umesh Shukla’s  Oh My God.
“And how can Lord Krishna play the saxophone? It’s blasphemous!” the censor board declared, leaving Dhawan and his producer SajidNadiadwala no choice but to remove the ostensibly  offensivereferences to God.

A source from the CBFC  which doesn’t wish to be named says the era of mythologicals is  over. “You can’t cast any actor as Rama or Krishna .Human beings can no longer play God.”

Unless you are Akshay Kumar.

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