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Kirti Kulhari: Good Time To Be Around



The very talented and lovely Kirti Kulhari who  was recently seen in a small but important cameo in  the  blockbuster  feature film Uri  is  whooping it up as one of  the  four sexually unabashed protagonists  in  the sassy webseries  Four More Shots, Please.

Kriti who  played  a memorable lead  in  the  game-changing women’s picture Pink says she is  overwhelmed  by the  love.  “I am receiving as much love for  Four Shots More, Please  as I got  Pink , if not more .It’s heartwarming.This year I’ve 4-5 things in my kitty.. all different stuff.. interesting stuff. This is a good  time to be  an actor  in Indian cinema.  There is  so  much happening in so many different formats and platforms. Things are slow but surely the work that excites me and people who like watching me, are coming my way. I  just want to do what I know..and want to keep learning and growing”

Kirti is  happy with  her cameo  in Uri, although  many  felt her  role was  too brief.

She defends  her  abbreviated  appearance in Uri, “I had  a guest  appearance .But even people who were not doing special appearances, apart from the  male lead Vicky Kaushal, everyone had a very limited and small role .”

Audiences  noticed a  romantic vibe between  Kirti and  Vicky’s character  in  Uri.

 Confesses  Kirti, “Well , I always felt it.But we never worked on it .This romantic vibe was there  on paper so I guess it has kind of come across on screen.I don’t know if it’s necessarily romantic but there is a connect which is quite visible.I really feel me and Vicky should do a film together.We would be good together, both of us being the same  kind of actors.”

Speaking on her forthcoming  assignments  Kriti informs, “I am a doing Mission Mangal film with Akshay Kumar and VidyaBalan  with the others.Apart from Vidya and Akshay all other actors are at par as far as the roles and screen-time is concerned.I am also  doing a show for Netflix called Bard of Blood with Emraan Hashmi.I am playing a Baluchi girl in that.”

In the current series Four Shots More,Please Kriti is  shown having a conversation with her vagina.Was she  comfortable with this kind of sexual frankness?

Says Kriti, “It is obviously not something someone does in their normal lives.It was a stretch of the imagination and  meant to be a fun scene, and that’s how I saw it.While executing a scene like this was tough, my comfort with the scene and what it entails was not an issue.”

 Kriti feels it is time for the sexual revolution to hit Indian cinema. “It’s high time  subjects like sex and everything that it includes , are normalized. And anything and everything that stimulates this process should be welcomed. People have to be pushed out of their comfort zones to be able to see things for what they are. It will be great to live in a world where we don’t discuss sex anymore because we have managed to go beyond it. And then we can focus on more important things.

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