Kriti Sanon: “Why Not A  Men’s Day?”

Kriti Sanon is an angry woman.And she made it very clear in herInstagram video where she questioned  the concept  of  Women’s Day  by putting out silent placards ruing the  monotony of the annualexercize of celebrating women on one particular day.

Speaking on her silent protest  Kriti says, “I never understood why in the first place do we have one day for celebrating womanhood and giving them respect. What about the rest of the 364 days?”

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Kriti also draws attention to the growing rate of crime against women. “At a time when there are so many serious issues related to women’s safety and equality plaguing our society, and let’s not forget,  the year started with the shameful Bangalore molestation incident, what’s the point of a day specially set aside for women…or “Women’s Day”? By the way, why don’t we have Men’s day?”

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