Kriti Sanon Undergoes Weapon Training For Rabta

Don’t mess around with Kriti Sanon. She is now equipped to handle any kind of intrusion with kick’s gloves.

Rabta required Kriti to learn many skills, some  of them of a highly aggressive nature. “I went through weapon training and horse riding for the role.Acting today is so much more than  just facing the camera.I am learning every day. It is an exciting life for me.Am I satisfied with my progress so far? Yes, I think so.I’ve only had two Hindi releases in three years.”

Kriti Sanon  is excited about her role in Dinesh Vijeyan’s Rabta  .

“It gave me a chance to acquire new skills. The best part of being an actor is the constant exposure to new knowledge and experience,” says shares excitedly.

For Rabta Kriti got to learn scuba diving. “A  portion of the film required me and Sushant to  go underwater. However neither of us knew swimming. We learnt how to swim for this role. We could have managed to go underwater without actually knowing how to swim. But we wouldn’t have looked convincing. You see, being under the sea is about remaining calm .To be calm you need to be confident underwater. And to be confident underwater you’ve to know how to  swim.”


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