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Kubra Saitt, Reema Kagti On Rangoli’s Twitter Ouster



On Thursday  the film fraternity  woke up to the  shocking news that Twitter had  closed down  Kangana Ranaut’s sister  Rangoli Chandeli’s account after her highly  objectionable  comments targeting  a particular community.

Among those who brought  Ms Chandeli’s  offensive comments to the Twitter  officials’ notice were actor Kubra Sait and  director Reema Kagti.

They were  understandably  relieved at  Thursday’s turn  of events.

When I contacted Kubra Sait, last seen making a  sizeable  impact  on  Sacred Games  and as Saif Ali Khan’s  love interest  in  Jawani Jaanemann,  said, “What she has been  tweeting about now and  in past are statements lacking empathy, creating disharmony.”

Referring to Rangoli’s  remarkably  insensitive suggestion that clerics and other religious  heads  of a particular community be eliminated  Nazi-style, Kubra says, “She  thinks it’s ok to refer to being a Nazi and(perpetrating)  genocide. Whoever from whatever faith, how is it justified to say they should be made to stand in line and and shot and killed?When you have close to a hundred thousand followers, you need to conduct yourself and your words with responsibility.”


We  couldn’t agree more with Kubra, and more power  to  her .

Reema Kagti also agreed  that  Rangoli’s  aggression  had  to be stopped.

Says Reema, “I hope Twitter has the good sense to ban the account permanently and not just suspend it temporarily.”

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