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Kuch aur nahin hoga toh live shows hi karunga: Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover Speaks To Subhash K Jha On His New Live Show In Delhi On April 1

Your fans say the show that you are doing with Kiku Sharda on April 1 in Delgi  is  an indication of the new direction in your career?

I’d advise the soothsayers to put their crystal balls away. The live show in Delhi is a commitment I made much before the problems (with Kapil Sharma). I love doing live shows. I keep doing them all the time.And I’ll continue doing them. The live shows  have always kept me going all these years.

Are you gravitating towards live shows?

Live shows ke teraf badh nahin raha hoon. Kuch aur nahin hoga toh live shows hi karunga na(If I’ve nothing else to fall back on I’ll do live shows only)

Why do you feel  nothing else will happen?

Until something else happens…I like live performances. I love performing in front of an audience.When I am doing my act on television I  don’t get to see how  audiences react to my act. When I am on stage I actually get to see meet and see my audience and to see the reaction of the audience that loves you.Live audiences feel they are going to see me on stage, whereas I feel I am going to see them.When one is on television there is no immediate feedback .

So do you prefer live performances?

It is  not  a question of preferring one to the other. Performing on television and performing live have their peculiar advantages .When you are on television nuances, small details get captured on camera . These are lost on stage.You can’t do nuances on a live stage because they are lost.

Do you crave to return to theatre to perform in  plays?

Maybe some day. I’ve done my Masters in theatre. I studied theatre in drama  school in Chandigarh. I performed serious plays  like Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Strangely, I performed in only tragedies.


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