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Laal Rang,The Trailer Isn’t About The Colour Red!


One would think that any film that calls itself Laal Rang would be compulsively attached to the colour red. Of  course director Syed Ahmad Afzal who actually managed to make a watchable Youngistan with  the Bhagnani heir-apparent, uses the colour of blood .But there is no joy in the colour. Characters throw around packets of blood like dairy milk on sleepy bored mornings.

The look of Laal Rang is very pastel. There is also a tendency to not take itself too seriously that I really liked. Crusted yellows and  toasted browns dominate the frames as two blood-bank bootleggers , played by  Randeep Hooda and the underrated underused Akshay Oberoi set out to generate a pool of blood reserves for commercial gains.

These two want to get bloody rich.

This is the sleepy greedy town of Karnal in the year 2,000. And the duo of  ruffians make for unlikely heroes. Randeep Hooda’s Haryanvi accept appears hijacked from Highway. That could work to the film’s advantage provided the accent doesn’t get in the way of the character. Oberoi seems far more at peace playing his easygoing hero-worshipping character with a mixture of deification and desperation.

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There is a girlfriend in the trailer,played by Pia Bajpai who seems to urge Akshay Oberoi to make something of his life. I would like to inform her that this is the kind of environment that doesn’t foster legitimate ambitions. It is the world that Anurag Kashyap once inhabited and embraced.

Where is he ? Last heard he had migrated to Mumbai in search of a velvety lifestyle.LaalRang seems to occupy the badland space with swagger and fluency.

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