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Labon Ka Kaarobaar To Be Removed On Television

The censor board may have given the go-ahead to the kissing spree in Aditya Chopra’s  Befikre. But the rules, one understands , would be different for the television premiere of the film when it happens.

The opening credit-titles song Labon ka karobaar which shows more than a dozen couples of various ages kissing , would not be shown on television.

Confirming this dichotomy between the big-screen and small-screen screening of Befikre, the chairperson of the censorboard Pahlaj Nihalani says, “We passed the Labonka karobaar song for the large screen on condition that the song be edited out when Befikre is  premiered on television.”

The chairperson also adds that censor guidelines are flexible but scrupulously followed . “I’ve heard it being said that because the kisses in Befikre have been passed other producers are confident that similar intimate scenes would be passed in their films. There is no such opening of the floodgates happening after Befikre. Every imtimate shot, every kiss and every film would be treated by the CBFC on its own merit.”


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