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Lal Singh Chadha Tickets To Cost More: One More Reason For Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan To  Score



Raksha Bandhan and Lal Singh Chadha

The  boxoffice tussle between  Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh Chadha  and Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan seems heavily weighed against  the former.  Sources  from  several multiplex chain say Raksha Bandhan has the edge.

“It is definitely the preferred  film  this week,” a  source from a multiplex chain  volunteers. “Raksha Bandhan has more sentimental  value this  week  as  it coincides with   the festival of   raksha bandhan. Bhai bahen toh jayenge hi  saath mein apne  maa-baap ko bhi layenge(siblings will see the film and also bring their parents).”

Lal Singh Chadha,  on the  other hand, is the remake of  a forty-year  old Hollywood film Forrest  Gump.Audiences are  not convinced by Aamir Khan’s Sardarji look. They say Akshay Kumar makes a better Sardarji.

The staggering budget  of  Lal Singh Chadha (approximate  210  crore  rupees)  has  its co-producers Aamir Khan and Viacom 18 , running scared . If trade  sources are to believed,they have  now raised  the ticket prices  to  allow the  patron to shoulder some  of their investment liabilities.

A  multiplex  source tells, me. “Yes, the ticket prices  for Lal Singh Chadha have been  hiked. It it’s   a suicidal move. Patrons are already unhappy   with ticket pricing in movie theatres. This is  like telling them, ‘Hey,  it’s an Aamir Khan film. You have  to pay more for  the privilege  of seeing him.’ It is not fair on the customer.”

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