Lata Mangeshkar: “Duping Innocent People In My Name Is Very Painful For Me”

The Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar woke up  to the shocking news on Wednesday that a lady by the name  of  Revati Khare had been allegedly swindling a whole lot of people  of their money in Lataji’s name.

Disappointed by the dimensions of duplicity adopted by some people Lataji says, “It pains me to know that a person can fall so low to make some quick money.  It pains me even more to know that my name was being used to dupe innocent  people of their hard-earned money.  I can’t begin to tell you how saddened I am by how low human nature has fallen.”

Lata Mangeshkar: “Duping Innocent People In My Name Is Very Painful For Me” 2

Lataji came to know of the fraudulence only when  a friend informed her. “A  friend of mine who had been approached by the same  lady suspected something was amiss. She rightly  surmised  that if I was really collecting money for  the said charity I’d ask her directly.Why would I approach my friends through someone  whom they had never heard of, and never met?”

Lataji feels the matter should not be discussed in too much detail in public. “The police has taken over the matter.They will act swiftly. I’ve nothing to worry about. But I am scared by this woman’s wherewithal. She not only got letter pads with my picture printed on  them but also got an image of my Bharat Ratna trophy on printed on the letter pad.I’ve never had my picture on my letter pad. She also got my signature absolutely right. That scared me.”

My Mother Is My Greatest Influence:  Lata Mangeshkar
My Mother Is My Greatest Influence:  Lata Mangeshkar

The Nightingale feels her name can easily be misused as he is not so active in  public any more.

“I want my friends and well-wishers to know that I’d never reach out to them for such a  matter.My embarrassment and dismay are multiplied by the fact that the woman pulling this fraud was a married woman with children. What could have prompted her to do something so lowdown?’

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