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Lata Mangeshkar Gets A Call From Her Brother PM Narendra Modi




 Not all of us  are lucky enough to receive  a call  from our  prime  minister  on our birthday. Lataji who turned a year  older on September 28 received  a call from Modiji.

 “It was  very  thoughtful of Narendrabhai to call me on my birthday. He  could’ve  just tweeted his good wishes. Wohi kafi hota. But  he actually took the  time off  from his packed schedule to call. My day began with one brother(PM Modi) and ended with my own  brother Hridayanath. He waited the whole day before coming to wish me. ‘I know how  tired you must be. I wanted  to give you  time to rest,’ Hridayanath said.He was  right. The day  was exhausting but  so filled  with warmth and  affection.”

Another  surprise was  sister Meena Mangeshkar  who dropped  in with Lataji’s favourite sweets. “Meena knows I love laddoos. She had  made them  herself and insisted I have them.”

Normally not a ‘sweets’  person Lataji made an exception on her birthday.

Lataji  feels this Coronavirus lockdown has  given us   achance to reclaim our relationships. “Every emotion  was  being expressed  on social media. During the lockdown people began to reach out to loved ones on  the phone. Friends that one had lost contact  with for  years were  rediscovered. Iss dauraan rishte aur pakke hogaye hain(the  Covid has strengthened relationships).”

The Nightingale is  aware  of the drugs and nepotism controversies raging across the  film industry.

“This is  not the  entertainment  industry I know. What is  happening is really sad. I think this year has changed   all lives equations and  priorities.We’ve all begun to look at  our  work and  relationships differently,” says  Lataji  

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