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Lata Mangeshkar: I Pray For Kapil Sharma To Get Well Soon, Kapil Says He Will Return Very Soon



The Nightingale  Of Asia  Lata Mangeshkar is  an avid fan of  Kapil Sharma’s show. Shocked to hear about his show being closed down Lataji says, “He brought so much happiness and  laughter into every home. It’s truly disappointing to hear that his show is no longer going to be telecast. I wish  him a quick recovery and I hope the show returns soon.”

On  a personal level Lataji shares a wonderful rapport with Kapil who is a self-confessed devotee of  the singer.

“Yes, he is very fond of me. He kept insisting I come on his  show, Lekin main wahaan kya karti?(what  would I have  done there?).I  enjoy watching his  show. Not being on  it.”

Kapil who is in  Bengalauru says, “I want Lata Didi to know that the show is coming back stronger than ever. I am  here at an ayurvedic clinic for  forty days  of  healing. I am already feeling the change in me. I promise I will be back stronger than  ever.”

Kapil also warns against all the reports about his health  being put out on the websites.  “They talk about my health  like qualified doctors. I am  supposed to have gone mad. I want all my well-wishers to know that there is  nothing more serious than  overwork  that is  wrong with me. I needed a break. God has given me one.”

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