Lata Mangeshkar: “I’d Love to Sing For Janhvi” 

The Nightingale of Asia Lata Mangeshkar doesn’t see too many films anymore. But she did catch

Glimpses of Boney’s daughter Janhvi’s debut film Dhadak and of Anil Kapoor’s homage to Lataji in Fanney Khan.

And Lataji is all praise for the two. “Boney and Anil are both very close to us Mangeshkars. I had even attended Anil’s engagement to Sunita, though I couldn’t attend his wedding. I am so glad his daughter Sonam is married and is doing some really good work too. There was a time when actresses had to slow down after marriage. Thankfully those days are over. As a working woman and I’ve been working since the age of 12 it would be completely unacceptable for me to give up my career after marriage.”

Why Is Lata Mangeshkar Willing To Sing For Janhvi?

Boney too is a close family friend. “After he lost Srideviji so suddenly his daughter Janhvi’s debut is a reason for him to smile. Janhvi is pretty. I’d love to sing for her.”

In the meanwhile, Lataji is all praise of Anil Kapoor’s unflagging enthusiasm in Fanney Khan.

Says Lataji, “Anilji plays a fan of mine and Rafi Saab. He wants his daughter in the film to be like me. It’s very flattering to be still thought of as a hero and an icon.I’ve been lucky to be emulated for decades bow. But I want to tell the singers of our country. Do not be another Rafi, Kishore, Lata,  Asha or Mukesh. Be yourself. Learn dedication to the craft from us. But do not imitate us.”

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