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Lata Mangeshkar Is Recovering ,Anxious Fans Waiting Her Return At Her

On  a normal  day when Lataji is  home, there are  hordes of  curious  fans and devotees  standing on Peddar Road  hoping  to catch a  glimpse  of her.Now as  news  of her  illness  has spread  the crowds  below her building Prabhu Kunj on Peddar Road have multiplied manifold.

Says a  source close  to Lataji, “There are fans and admirers thronging her apartment building. They all love her and  they are hanging around  anxiously for a  glimpse.It’s crazy. They won’t go away until they see her.”

In fact one of  the reasons why Lataji’s home-going is  taking time is the  fan factor. It is   feared that  the  fans would get uncontrollable once she returns home.

During one  of our conversations  before her  hospitalization Lataji had spoken about the fans who insist  on  visiting her  home.  “They  stand  there on the  other  side of the road quietly,waiting  to see  me.When I  come down from my apartment to  go out somewhere they don’t  try to approach me. They  stand  where they are  just looking as I drive  away .”

This writer  had once seen an entire  restaurant  spring to its collective feet  when  Lataji had erected.It  was a  spontaneous  gesture.Like  the audience getting to  its feet  during the  national anthem. This  kind of respect is exceptional.

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