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Lata Mangeshkar Is Recovering Fast



Lata Mangeshkar

Though a  large section of  the media lost interest in  Lataji’s  health the minute they realized she wasn’t going anywhere,  her genuinely concerned fans keep  inquiring  about her health from people whom they think would have an answer.

 The  latest according to family sources, is that Lataji is  recovering fast.

“The reason she’s still in hospital is , she needs to regain her stamina or doctors fear she may get an infection again. This is  why she’s  being kept  under observation,” says a dependable source.

 Lataji now  converses with  close family members who  are allowed  to visit her.

“She  is  still not allowed visitors, and she’s getting  restless for this,” says a source  close to the family.

At  home the  Mangeshkar  family-member who is missing her the most is  her pet canine Sabaa.

“The rest  of  the family is waiting for  her  to return. But the  dog is unable to  understand where Didi has  disappeared  to,” says  a family source.

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