Lata Mangeshkar To Take The Jab This Week

India’s Resident  Nightingale Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar is  all  set to take  the Covid vaccine  this week.

All the  other members  of  distinguished  Mangeshkar  family have  already taken  the  vaccine.

Bass main baqi reh gayi hoon(only I  remained),” says Lataji. She had been  been so far excluded  from the jab club  because  of  her frail health. She  was hospitalized for a  severe lung infection in December 2019 and has been advised extra precaution since then. 

“But now my personal  doctor whom I trust blindly says it is  best that  I take the  vaccination since  it is  absolutely safe. I advise  everyone out there eligible  for  the vaccination to  go fo it. I am  told it does not  ensure complete  immunity  from the  virus. But it minimizes   the  impact  considerably if you are  unfortunate  enough to get  the virus,” says Lataji.

 The Sing Sena Supremo    is  distressed  by the steep  spike  in  Covid numbers.  “It is  a very bad situation  out there. I urge  all  people to follow the  guidelines. Aab yeh doosron ke ghar ki aafatnahin hai yeh ham sab ke ghar aa chuki hai(the  Covid is not  other  people’s crisis anymore it has now reached  all  our homes).”

Lataji’s advice.  “Stay at home, watch movies, listen to songs,yes mine too.”

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