Lata Mangeshkar: “We are going through the most trying of times”

Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar Speaks To Subhash K Jha On Being Corona Confined

Didi,namaaskar, aap kaisi hain?

Main theek hoon.  Sab ki terah ghar mein hoon(I am at home like everyone).

You were recently hospitalized for a  a severe lung infection, so  you must be doubly careful?

I am extremely careful. I am not meeting anyone and even if  it is a family member   it is , ‘Hi hello How Are  You?’ from  a distance.

But even that is dangerous  for  you considering  your medical history?

I  know. I am following my two personal doctors’ and three nurses’ orders blindly.Whatever  they say I can’t do, I don’t even  think about. I’d ideally want complete isolation  for me and  for everyone at the moment.

What  is  your advice to  your millions of fans across the world?

We  are going through the most trying of times. We all need to unite as one nation to  fight this  virus.Please  listen to the  Prime Minister Modiji when he says we all need to stay at home.And listen to my songs if they make you happy at home.

How are  you spending your time in isolation? Do you listen to your own songs?

No never!  Once I  recorded  my songs I never  went back to them.I spend my time doing riyaaz, doing  pooja, watching television, talking on the  phone  to  people close  to me and  just resting.

Which are  five of your songs that according to you must be on  everyone’s playlist?

 Given the current crisis  across the world? Allah tero naam(from the  film Hum Dono), Tum asha  vishwas hamare(Subah) , Ek tu hi  bharosa(Pukar), Jisse yeh duniya thukrayee use tu hi toh apnaye(Darpan) and Aayeeye bahaar  ko hum baat len(Taqdeer).

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