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Leaking Marriage Stories To The Press



 There is this  not-so-high-profile  couple in Bollywood doing  its  best to create as much mystery about their impending marriage as  humanly possible, and then  pretending that the  press is jumping the gun by announcing  unverified marriage dates.

 It turns out that  the couple is responsible  for these leaks themselves.

Some weeks ago a  Mumbai tabloid broke  the story  of how this  couple(both B-listers, at best)  were all set  to tie the  knot in  June. When I  checked with the MMA(Marriageable Male Actor) he laughed  off the rumours accusing those who keep talking about his marriage to the B-List Actress as the work of worthless people.

When I  printed his  denial  he was furious.I  was puzzled. If the marriage story was  untrue why would he be upset  about the truth coming out?

It  turned  out that those rumours were planted by  the actor himself!!

 Now we  have a “source”  tracking down the couple  on a holiday  and the “source”  reveals that the couple is getting married  in June .  Just how  the “source” got to know  where the couple is holidaying and what are their marriage plans,  is a no-brainer.

Why  do we  give  importance to these people who are  of little  interest to anyone  except each  other? Who cares when  they marry,  or who they marry? 

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