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Lies, Damn Lies, Kedarnath Director Rubbishes Reports On Sara Ali Khan Throwing Tantrums



Irresponsible  reporting specially about a newcomer can be  very damaging.

Luckily for the very pretty Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, reports  that she has been throwing “tantrums” on location while shooting for her maiden  film Kedarnath, have been completely trashed by the director.

Speaking from  location in Kedarnath Abhishek Kapoor says, “This is an outright fabrication. An outrageous lie.And very offensive   since it concerns  a debutante. Sara is a gem of a girl, and so well brought up. She is  absolutely disciplined, eager to learn and very pleasant on the sets. Most important  of all she has taken to the camera as  though it was hers  by birthright. She  is  absolutely natural on screen. You mark my words she is  going  to take the country by storm.”

Abhishek thinks it is all in Sara’s genes. “She has inherited the talent  look and the passion from her grandparents and her parents. Even when she was a child Sara  wanted to be an actress.Now it’s happening.And does anyone think she would squander away the opportunity by throwing tantrums? For God’s sake people who write these things need to get a life.”

Abhishek is also full of praise  for his leading man. “Sushant is absolutely delightful to work with. In Kedarnath he  is better than he was in my Kai Po Che. Since then his skills an an actor have been sharpened. He is ready  for  the kill.”


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