Lights, Camera…AUCTION???!!!

Why are the Superstars  of Bollywood suddenly auctioning their clothes for charity?  Are  they so short of charitable funds that they need to sell their work clothes to accrue philanthropistic brownie points.

Two days ago when Akshay Kumar announced he was auctioning his naval officer’s “uniform”  from the film Rustom for charity,all hell broke loose. Akshay was rigorously trolled for trying to pass of a film costume as something as sacared  and inviolable as an  army uniform.

A war  of words broke  out between disgruntled selfappointed nationalists and Akshay’s wife Twinkle.

But Akshay Kumar, known to extend a hand for governmental causes , remains  unfazed.

A  friend  of  superstar says, “When he said he was auctioning his  Rustom uniform he was fully aware it was a character.No artifice  or pretense was  involved. In fact Akshay has now influenced his  neighbour and friend Hrithik Roshan to also do the same.”

Hrithik  who stays  in  the same  highrise as Akshay and Twinkle and is known  to extend his hands  into  the charitable work supported by the couple, has come forward  to auction his ‘superhero jacket’ from Krissh  for animal welfare.

 Bollywood singer and  BJP’s cabinet minister Babul Supriyo is all for stars auctioning their belongings for charity. “It is a very  noble endeavour.I marvel at their intentions. Perhaps referring to his  costume in Rustom as a uniform was a  mistake it only makes him  human. I’d happily ignore that since  it only makes him human.”

Adds industry spokesperson Ashoke Pandit, “Anybody whether he is a celebrity or not if his intentions are right should not be questioned.  Akshay has been a forerunner in lots of social issues. He has been helping people, has done films on so many important issues which he didn’t have to. He has proved that he is a person who is a concerned citizen and hence stands by his convictions. Whether it’s relating to health of people, training Women for self-defence etc. I respect him and his concern for common people.We should encourage stars  to find unique appealing way to collect money for social causes.”

Says  filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, “Film costumes are part of filmmaking and not real costumes. A producer owns them. It’s his wish what he wants to do with them.”

 Coming up next is  a charity for auction of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s costumes in Sanjay Bhansali’s Padmaavat.

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