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Like Kareena At Pataudi’s  Farewell, Alia Bhatt Is  the Ideal Bahu  At Kapoor’s Bereavement



Like Kareena At Pataudi's  Farewell, Alia Bhatt Is  the Ideal Bahu  At Kapoor's Bereavement 12

If  there  was any doubt about Alia Bhatt’s status  in Ranbir Kapoor’s family,her quiet  presence with the  family after Rishi Kapoor’s death removed all doubts about her place  in  Ranbir’s life.Alia was there  with the family at the    funeral.She has also been  there to hold her future mother-in-law’s hand during the  last days when the  end was  inevitable.

Says a  source, “Alia  is  very close  to Ranbir’s mother Neetu Kapoor.Alia has been spending a lot of time with  Neetu during these difficult times.”

Sources  close  to the Kapoors say Alia’s  presence during  Rishi Kapoor’s going  away was  an exact replay of   Rishi  Kapoor’s niece  Kareena’s  presence at Saif’s home when his father Nawab Pataudi died.

“Alia’s support and open love for  Neetu Kapoor is an exact echo of Bebo(Kareena)’s presence by Sharmila  Tagore’s side when she  lost her  husband.  Alia is ready in every sense to be part  of the Kapoor family,” says  an actress  close  to Neetu Kapoor.

The Ranbir-Alia wedding  won’t happen any time this year but is  a  sure-shot early  in 2021.

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